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Manifesto. The Galactic Internet

Alexander M. Ilyanok


Systematization of the huge number of known experimental data on the basis of determin- istic understanding of the microcosm and the macrocosm is made. New functional relations between fundamental physical constants are found. As a result, we obtain a new knowledge that changes existing physical picture of the world. A new picture of the world, in which grav- ity and electromagnetism are the same is proposed. Highest coincidence with the experimental results and the simplicity of the resulting equations demonstrates the adequacy of the model used pictures of the world.
It is shown that the velocity of condensed bodies do not exceed 1/500 the speed of light, although the speed of elementary particles reaches the speed of light. Slow speed of condensed bodies, including an astronaut and space ship, would not allow to achieve the newly discovered extrasolar planets { SuperEarths. On the other hand it is shown that the speed of gravita- tional interactions in 3.5 · 108 times exceeds the speed of light, which allows one to create new information channels of communication.
The creation of a new type of receivers and transmitters of gravitational waves, based on coherent macroquantum phenomena is proposed. The use of such devices opens the possibility of tomography of the Earth as a whole object and the creation space communications at super- luminal speeds. As a result, for humanity the possibility to join to the world through the mind of the Galactic Internet opens in principle.

        Manifesto. The Galactic Internet. Alexander M. Ilyanok         
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